CP Wickeddude's Secrets of Club Penguin

The Quest for the Golden Puffle is back! Here is the secret item.


Click the Golden Puffle for the Crook and Flail.

Hope this helps!


The new catalog is here! Here are the cheats!

1.) Click the snowmans’s nose for the Pink Snorkel and the top of the mountain for the Pink Flippers.

2.) Click the bubble for the Red Viking Helmet and click the same bubble 4 times for the Blue Viking Helmet.

3.) Click the Coins for Change pot to get the Stocking Cap.

4.) Click the Drumsticks in the tree for the Drumsticks, click the trumpet in the tree for the Trumpet, click the acoustic guitar in the tree for the Acoustic Guitar, click the snare drum in the tree for the Snare Drum, and click the top of the other tree for Long Johns.

5.) Click the word “WORK” for the Black Superhero Mask.

6.) Click the White Puffle for The Dizzy which is a wig.


Hope this helps!

Hi everyone this is cpwickeddude! I know it’s been a few months and I didn’t post or notify you about anything… Well that’s because this year apparently I started middle school. (I am in 6th grade!) So it’s gonna be tought for me to post… However, I will try to post on the weekends with my awesome new laptop! Anyways just to make you feel good I made this funny picture:

This is Billybob’s brother Willybob. Can you guess why?

How was that one? This will be stored on my funny pictures page!

Anyways the next post or so will have cheats and secrets. Also with my new laptop I will see if I can make my own banner for my site!

Remember to have fun!

During Sensei’s Scavenger Hunt you can meet him at the Ninja Hideout! You can find him here with this Sensei Tracker and my chat box! Also here are some tips on finding him!

1.) Sensei is a penguin with an exclusive gray color, a beard, and a Chinese Hat

2.)  If someone says that SEnsei is at the Cove (for example) they are lying because Sensei is only found at the Ninja Hideout

3.) He is mostly seen on the servers Mammoth, Blizzard, and Frozen

4.) Form a search party with friends!

Now here is the tracker and chat!

Get your own Chat Box! Go Large!

Hope this helps!

Sensei has a Scavenger Hunt going on until the 20th! During the Scavenger Hunt you can meet him! The Scavenger Hunt has to do with fire! That solves the black puffle mysteries now! This will probably unlock a new room soon! 

Here are all the Scavenger Hunt cheats!


1.) Click on the log in the fire at the Ski Lodge


2.) Click the candle in the Book Room


3.) Click the black puffle in the cage twice at the Pet Shop


4.) Click the lantern in the Mine


5.) Click the container of Hot Sauce twice at the Pizza Parlor


6.) Click the stick on the fire in the Cove twice


7.) Click the Jetpack at the Beacon twice


8.) Click the Dojo lantern on the left at the Dojo Courtyard

When you have all the items you will recieve a Fire Pin!

Credits to Cool Boy 714 for the pictures since I couldn’t take any. His website is at http://www.clubpenguinrally.com

Hope this helps!

Today is the 8th Anniversary of the terrorist attack of 9/11. I am writing this post to allow us all to remember and honor all the innocent souls of everyday people and soldiers that have died. Also on that day it was the end of the Twin Towers.

Always Remember…

The last days of 101 Days of Fun are here (Tommorrow is last day)! And today you must find the special pin! To get it go to the Pizza Parlor!

101 Days of Fun Pin

Also if you notice I have a new look on! That is because Choice 3 won the vote for my Non-Member Look!

Hope this helps!

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