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Medieval Party Sneak Peek!

Posted on: April 23, 2009

As you know the Medieval Party is coming on May 8th. Well here is a Sneak Peek on the Party:


Cool huh? Anyways the Pizza Parlor and Coffee Shop will be fit for royalty (and jesters!). A Dragon will be in the Mine. (Warning: If you’re butt gets burned don’t blame me!) LOL! Also, for Members their will be a Knight’s Quest! (Warning: If you are a Princess and take this quest and get killed don’t blame me!) LOL! Also just for fun here is a joke from the blog that has to do with Medieval Times and a Tongue Twister/Poem I have to memorize for school that’s gotta do with Medieval Times as well:


Where do knights go to get something to eat?

To an “all knight” diner!


Tongue Twister/Poem:

“Night, Knight”

Said one Knight

To the other Knight

The other night

“Night, Night, Knight”

Try saying that 5 times fast!

In other news: Tommorrow Members can get new Toboaggans for the Sled Race game and new tracks for the Dance Contest game! Also everyone gets music for the Sled Race game! Also once gain here is that LOL funny Animated Gif of a penguin crashing in the Sled Race game in Slow-Mo:


LOL! I never get tired of that!

Hope that helps!


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