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In this Thursday’s paper it was announced that new Music for Igloos would come out yesterday! Sorry I didn’t post yesterday but important things came up… Anyways here are the new songs:

New Music

The ones in bold print are the new ones! My favorite song of these new ones is… Mix Maestro! I hope you like the new music! 



The rules of the Igloo contest is to decorate it like a dojo! (Must use Dojo Igloo + you must be a ninja)  10 Grand Prize Winners will get 25,000 coins! 10 Runner-Ups get 15,000 coins!


I have finished my Igloo! Here is what it looks like:

My Dojo Igloo How do you like it? Comment on what you think!

The new sports catalog is out! Sadly there is only one secret item… 😦 So here is the secret:

May 2009 Sports Catalog Secret Part 1

May 2009 Sports Catalog Secret Part 2 Click on the Soccer Ball that the Goalie kicked for the Green Soccer Uniform.

Hope that helps!

Card Jitsu has the new update now! To look at your cards go to either the Ninja Hideout, the Dojo, or the Dojo Courtyard and click the Card Icon at the bottom right corner.

CJ Card Viewing Icon

 Here is what it looks like:

CJ Card Viewing Part 1 If you aren’t a Ninja then this is what it would look like to show you how much closer you are to the next belt:

Belt Progress

Cool huh?

If you aren’t a Ninja then when you try to get in the Hideout there will be a note. This is what it looks like:

Sensei Note

 Don’t worry! That was just a Dummy Penguin I use for some stuff! I am really a Ninja!

Now to show you my cards:

CJ Card Viewing Part 2

CJ Card Viewing Part 3

Cool cards right?

Also the place to talk to Sensei changed and so did the Posters! I don’t feel like showing it so check it out yourself!

Remember the plants on the Beach? Well they are for the Adventure Party! Some more plantss were unloaded! Here is what it looks like:

More Plant Beach 

Club Penguin Also added a new beginning screen for the party! Here it is:

CP Explorers Wanted

I wonder what the Adventure Party will be like…


On Friday the New Sports Catalog will be out! Here is a sneak peek:


 Looks pretty good doesn’t it?


If you can remember there is going to be a Dojo Igloo Contest soon! Here is a sample of an Igloo:

Dojo Igloo[1].jpg

 I will show you mine when I’m done! The contest starts June 1st and ends June 13th. The winner gets 25,000 coins and the runner up gets 15,000 coins! But if you’re not a ninja then don’t go decorating yet because the Dojo Igloo is in the Ninja Catalog and you must be a Ninja to enter! To enter just decorate your igloo!

Hope that helps!


LOL! Anyways Rockhopper is unloading his plants to Club Penguin! Here are the rooms that have fewer plants including the Beach where all the plants that were already unloaded are:

Fewer Plant Migrator Beach


Fewer Plant Migrator Ship Outside  Ship Outside

Fewer Plant Crow's NestCrow’s Nest

I wonder if we’ll eat the plants. If we do then I hope we don’t eat Yarr because of a little “incident” if you can remember…

Funny Plant Migrator

Remember that? The service was short… And then Rockhopper weeped a long time and that’s how the 4 oceans were formed…

LOL! What do you think we’re going to do with these plants? It could be in the paper tommorrow!

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