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The Book Contest is here! There will be 4 stories chosen! One from each language (English, Spanish, French, Portugese)! There are 4 topics. They are Hiking Vikings, Wacky Wildlife in the Wilderness!, My Ultimate Igloo Dance Party…, and The Day We Turned Blue… and Sunk the Iceberg! Here is the rest of the rules:

Also I have finished my story! I did the last topic. I think I should share it with you guys! So here it is:

    It was just another day on Club Penguin. Wickeddude and his friends Saraapril, Pecan Pie500, and Brinard45 were just sitting down on the Iceberg. They didn’t know what to do…

    Then Wickeddude had an idea!

    “I know what to do today!”, said Wickeddude, “We can turn blue to make it look like the Iceberg is sinking! Then when people come here they will be freaked out because the Iceberg is sinking if you know what I mean!”

    “That’s a great idea!”, said Saraapril.

    “Lets go do it!”, said Brinard45.

    Then the 4 penguins turned blue so it looked like the Iceberg was sinking. However other groups of penguins came to do the same thing!

    After about two minutes the whole Iceberg was filled!

     Later on, Wickeddude felt water under him. Then he realized that the Iceberg was really sinking!

    Quickly he told his friends. Then Wickeddude and his friends yelled in unison, “ATTENTION EVERYONE! THE ICEBERG IS SINKING! EVACUATE IMMEDIATELY!”

     But no one listened! They just thought that they were joking since they were all blue so they couldn’t see the water coming above the Iceberg!

     Then Wickeddude had an idea! He whispered the plan to his friends and they knew what to do.


     Before believing her they felt the Iceberg for water and saw that the groups of friends were right!

     Then, Brinard45 got the Aqua Grabber ready so that everyone could escape.

     After that, Pecan Pie500 called out the PSA (Penguin Secret Agency) and told them to bring their best Jetpack fliers so they could get some penguins that couldn’t get on the Aqua Grabber.

     Finally, Wickeddude told the remaining penguins to take out their surfboards and surf their way to safety and the penguins that didn’t have a surfboard would share with the people who have a surfboard.

     Luckily no one brought their puffles!

     When everyone was safely on the shore the PSA made sure there were no injuries. Gary the Gadget Guy, Rory the Construction Guy, and a bunch of Construction workers pulled a new Iceberg to the area the old Iceberg was and carved a new Iceberg that looked exactly like the old one!

      After everything was back to normal, Wickeddude and his friends received gold medals for their bravery!

      Wickeddude whispered to his friends, “Let’s never have this happen again!” 

I hope you guys like it! Good Luck to everyone!



I am gonna help you guys meet DJ Cadence and Penguin Band! You guys have 2 ways of finding them here! First, you can use the trackers my friend Cool Boy 714 made that are on the right side of this blog! Or you can chat on my chatbox and work together! Remember, DJ Cadence will be at the Roof at the Night Club while Penguin Band will be Backstage at the Dock! To access the roof and backstage you MUST have the All Access Pass! To find out how to get it read the post below! Also if you want to do it without the trackers or my chatbox then here are some tips!

  1. Go to servers that are almost full
  2. They mostly appear in the servers Mammoth and Frozen (There could be more that they usually appear at)
  3. Every once in a while they go to the server Parks which not too many people usually go on
  4. If people are saying that PB is backstage it means Penguin Band is Backstage (Note: They could be lying)
  5. If people are saying DJ is at the roof it means DJ Cadence is at the Roof (Note: They could be lying)

 Have fun finding DJ Cadence and Penguin Band!

Get your own Chat Box! Go Large!

Hope this helps!


It’s time for Music Jam!!! Here is all the secrets!

Applause Button

In the rooms with stages there will be an Applause button for clicking if you like that stage!

Big Music Maker 3000

If you go to the Snow Forts there will be a path that is going to be there until the party is over you will see a Big Music Maker 3000!

For all the non-members here are pictures of the Roof of the Night Club and the Backstage!

Night Club Roof

Night Club Roof (If you are member then you can get your free Boombox!)

Penguin Band Backstage

Next up are the Music Catalog Secrets!

Snare Drum and Drum Sticks Music Catalog Secret

1.) Click the dot of the letter “I” in the word “MUSIC” for the Snare Drum and Drum Sticks!

Black Electric Guitar Music Catalog Secret

2.) Click the letter “O” in the word “CATALOG” for the Black Electric Guitar!

Now for the Free Item that EVERYONE can get!

Green Headphones

Go to the Cove for the Green Headphones!

Hope that Helps!

The new pin is here! To get it go to the Boiler Room!

Umbrella Pin

Hope that helps!

The new Igloo Catalog is here! Here are all the secrets:

Band Stage Igloo Catalog Secret

1.) Click the record on the Gramophone for the Band Stage

Wall Speakers Igloo Catalog Secret Part 1

Wall Speakers Igloo Catalog Secret Part 2

2.) Click the part of the DJ Table where you mix the records for the Wall Speakers

Guitar Stand Igloo Catalog Secret

3.) Click the Stone Column Ruin for the Guitar Stand 

4.) Click the fire on the Bamboo Torch for the LCD Television


5.) Click the fish on the Medieval Banner for the Penguin Knight Sculpture

 Picket Fence Secret

6.) Click the cornstalk on the right for the Picket Fence 

 Wheelbarrow Secret

7.) Click the bottom bush on the Poodle Plant for the Wheelbarrow

That’s all the secrets!

Hope that helps!

After a loooooooong while we can finally vote for a new color again! Last time we chose zingy lime green! We have 3 choices. Here they are:

Lavender                           Maroon                                 Aqua

I vote for Aqua because Lavender and Maroon are girly colors but Aqua is for both boys and girls! The vote starts on July 24th at the Forest (or the Plaza since I could be wrong)! Here is what the Poll Booth will look like:

Picture 5.png

What will you vote for?

Color Vote


I am making a band for Music Jam! I call it “Puffletallica”! Anyone can join as long as you have an instrument! To join comment here with your Penguin name, email (so I can email you all the info liek gigs, what you will play, and so on), and all the instruements you have! Hope you join!

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