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Ruby and the Ruby is Back and Music Jam Construction!

Posted on: July 10, 2009

First, here are the catalog cheats for Ruby and the Ruby:

Dark Detective’s Coat – Page 4

Dark Detective's Coat

Noir Background – Back Cover


Here is the cheat to get the Ruby pin:

The picture tells you what you have to click. It has to be in that order or it will not work.


And here is what part of the Dock looks like:


It is setting up for the Music Jam! Some more rooms are also setting up like the Beach, Iceberg, and there are some others.


5 Responses to "Ruby and the Ruby is Back and Music Jam Construction!"

Hey Wickeddude, how do you take screenshots so good? When I crop mine on paint, it comes out squished and pixely.


I take them by using the Vista Home Premium and using the Snipping tool! If you have the Vista Home Premium then here is a guide on how to use the snipping tool:

1.) Go to start button at bottom left corner
2.) In the menu search “snipping tool”
3.) You will be brought to Snipping Tool
4.) The screen will get darker and your cursor will turn into a Plus sign
5.) Use the cursor and drag it and make a box
6.) Wait a second and then another window showing the pic you took
7.) Go to “File” and click Save As
8.) Give your pic a name and then choose a file and click save
9.) Go to the Pictures in the menu and you will find the picture somewhere
10.) If you want to draw on it (ex. Catalog Secrets) open the picture up and then a window will pop up
11.) In the new window right click your picture and click Open with Paint or something like that and then just circle or draw what you need to and then save it!

Hope that helps!


By the way these aren’t my pics! These are Cool Boy 714’s pics because he works on my blog too! But the pics on all the other posts are mine!


Wow thanks that works REALLY good. How do I make my picture, not like that bug thing?


Er to the right of the comment, the eight or ten legged thing…


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