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The new Pin is here! To get go to the Cove!

Koi Fish Pin

I was thinking of making a funny picture involving pins! Think I should try to do it? Comment if you think I should!

Also a new Sports Catalog came out! However there are NO secret items in it! 😦

Hope this helps!


Sorry I didn’t post about the Catalog… I just didn’t know about the catalog… Anyways here are the secrets!

Bowling Pin Igloo Catalog Secret

1.) Hit the Burner on the stove for the Bowling Pin

Bowling Alley Igloo Catalog Secret

2.) Click the top left part of the Window for the Bowling Alley

Fridge Igloo Catalog Secret Part 1

Fridge Igloo Catalog Secret Part 2

3.) Click the dials on the stove for the Fridge

Band Stage Igloo Catalog Secret

4.) Click the record on the Gramophone for the Band Stage

Wall Speakers Igloo Catalog Secret Part 1

Wall Speakers Igloo Catalog Secret Part 2

5.) Click the part of the DJ Table where you mix the records for the Wall Speakers

Guitar Stand Igloo Catalog Secret

6.) Click the Stone Column Ruin for the Guitar Stand 

7.) Click the fire on the Bamboo Torch for the LCD Television


8.) Click the fish on the Medieval Banner for the Penguin Knight Sculpture

Hope that helps!

I am gonna help you guys find Gary! And guess what?!? NON-MEMBERS CAN MEET HIM! Non-Members can meet him at the Pool and the Forest (Also I think you can meet him at the Plaza!) Anyways to find him here you can use the tracker below or use the chat below to work together! To use the tracker just refresh the page by pressing the F5 button on your keyboard! Then it will tell you the server he is in! But you gotta go quick! Also here are some tips:

1.) Gary can be found mostly on servers like Mammoth, Frozen, or Blizzard

2.) Sometimes Gary can be found on Parka sometimes to avoid crowds

3.) If someone says G is at the Pool (for example) they mean that Gary is at the Pool

4.) Some of those people could be lying!

5.) Always trust your friends because they might lead you to Gary! I know from experience when I went to meet my friend Saraapril at the Ninja Hideout (During Sensei’s visit) and Sensei was there! And that’s how I found him! 😀

 Anyways here is the tracker and chat!

Get your own Chat Box! Go Large!

Hope this helps!

The Festival of Flight is here! Here are all the secrets! Also sorry about being late with the cheats!

 Green Propellor Hat Free Item

1.) Go to the Plaza to get the Green Propellor Hat (I had to sit on someone’s lap to get this pic because they were to stubborn to move… LOL!)


2.) Go to the Tallest Mountain to get the Jetpack!* (Members Only!)

*To get to the Tallest Mountain take the Balloon Ride in the Forest!


Hope that helps!

Sorry I am a whole week late with the secrets… Anyways let’s get started!

Red Viking Helmet Catalog Secret

1.) Click the gray bar on the piano for the Red Viking Helmet

Blue Viking Helmet Catalog Secret

2.) Open and close the Red Viking Helmet 4 times for the Blue Viking Helmet

Canteen Catalog Secret Part 1

Canteen Catalog Secret Part 2

3.) Click the seashell for the Canteen

Crystal Staff Catalog Secret

4.) Click the word “PENGUINS” for the Crystal Staff

Woodsman's Hat Catalog Secret

5.) Click the 4th window for the Woodsman’s Hat

Blue Dragon Costume Catalog Secret

6.) Click the Dragon Shadow for the Blue Dragon Costume

Also since Aqua won the vote (YAY!) they redesigned the section where you can buy the colors!

New Color Catalog Section

 Hope that helps!

Below is the Club Penguin Rally Back -To-School Party Banner! Please put it on your site to help advertise it!

Club Penguin Rally Back To School Party Banner

To put this banner on your blog/site, copy and paste the following code into any text or html widget:

<a href=”http://clubpenguinrally.wordpress.com/2009/08/09/club-penguin-rally-back-to-school-party/”><img title=”Club Penguin Rally Back To School Party Banner” src=”http://clubpenguinrally.files.wordpress.com/2009/08/club-penguin-rally-back-to-school-party-banner.png” alt=”Club Penguin Rally Back To School Party Banner” width=”392″ height=”270″ /></a>

Date: (Saturday) August .15th. 2009

Room: The Dock

Time: 5:00 pm (CP Time)

Server: Snowy River

Possible Special Guests: Big Dane, Coco, Penguitt, Kingpin2, Yoda Ads, Brayan21, Jmann93, Kiosk99, Chrisdog93, Tykerq, Akon Homiecp, RedChile, Niceplayer, Lux1200, Bike Boy93, Cool Boy 714, and Chinzstrap.

We hope to see you at the party!

Gary has revealed his plans on how he is gonna replace the glass in the Underground Pool! Now this plan is gonna sound a bit odd to you! So listen up! Gary is going too… MAKE THE ISLAND FLOAT IN THE AIR!!! He is gonna make the island float with a combo of special inventions including jetpacks, balloons filled with a special gas known as ‘”super helium”, propellers, and hot air balloons! He will need volunteers to help in the Underground Pool Area and other penguins to keep the hot air balloon full so that we still have buoyancy (in other words still float in the air!). Gary will be keeping an eye on things from the Base of Operations on the Tallest Mountain!

During the glass replacement we will have the 1st ever Festival of Flight!

Festival of Flight Notice

 I grabbed a sneak peek of the Festival of Flight so here it is!


Wanna know what this reminds me of? It reminds me of the flying ships from the Simpsons Game for DS on the Super Happy Fun Fun Time level and the flying ships from the Levitated Ruins World from the Sonic and the Secret Rings game for Wii! I wonder if the free item will be hover boots!

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