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Rockhopper Coming for the 3rd Ever Fall Fair!

Posted on: September 3, 2009

Guess what? Rockhopper is coming! He will be here on Friday just in time for the Fall Fair! Here is the notice in the paper:

Rockhopper Notice

And he told a puffle trainer he has something special planned for the Fall Fair! (explained at the bottom of the post)

And to prove it his whole ship is covered with decorations!

Fall Fair Migrator

Also here is a funny picture I made of it!

Funny Fall Fair Migrator

Something tells me DJ Cadence is in trouble…

This picture will be added to my NEW Funny Pictures Page! Here is the link: https://cpwickeddude.wordpress.com/funny-pictures

Also since Rockhopper is coming we can play Treasure Hunt again!

Aug. 31st Blog Image.jpg

However you must have Rockhopper’s key to his Captain’s Quarters to play! So here is a Step-By-Step Guide on how to get it!

1.) Go to the Book Room (To get there climb up the stairs in the Coffee Shop OR if you are a Secret Agent use your Spy Phone)


2.) Go to the library

Rockhopper's Journal

3.) Open up Rockhopper’s Journal

4.) Go to the last page (Note: For a short-cut skip to “Newest Writing”  Section and then go to last page)

Rockhopper's Key

5.) Click on his key

6.) Congratulations! You now have the Key to Rockhopper’s Captain’s Quarters!

Now for the news about the Fall Fair!

From September 4th-13th the 3rd ever Fall Fair will be here!

Here is the notice and new Start Screen:

Fall Fair Notice


Fall Fair Start Screen

Start Screen

Also if you go to the Lighthouse you will see boxes for the Fall Fair!

Fall Fair Boxes

Also if you notice the Start Screen says that Members can go to a Puffle Circus! That’s what he told the Puffle Trainer about!

 Now I have a request. Whoever is a member could you please take a picture of the following:

1.) The Puffle Circus (The WHOLE room)

2.) A picture of the Member Free Item with your penguin beside it

If you can do that please send them to the following email: cpwickeddude@aol.com

I will give you FULL credit and put you on my blogroll!

Anyways here is a map of the Fall Fair Top 5 Favorites for your troubles:

Fall Fair Map

Now here is a little thing I am gonna do! I am going to take pictures of the items from the 1st Fall Fair and show them to you guys! I will show you 1 item each day of the Fall Fair!

Hope all this info helps!


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