CP Wickeddude's Secrets of Club Penguin

The Penguins That Time Forgot makes a return at the Stage! Here are all the cheats!

Grass Skirt Stage Catalog Secret Part 1

Grass Skirt Stage Catalog Secret Part 2

1.) Click the G in the word “FORGOT” for the Grass Skirt

That’s all the cheats!

Hope that helps!


Just today Black Puffles are appearing! Here is a picture or 1 of them:

Mysterious Black Puffle Appearance

If you put your Ninja stuff on and go close to the puffle it will go on fire! (If you don’t have Ninja Stuff you must go near the puffle and wait a while ;))

Mysterious Black Puffle on Fire

Amazing right? The Black Puffles will be found in the Ski Village, Dojo Courtyard, Ninja Hideout, and the Forest!

What are these puffles doing here?

My though is that they are here to welcome a Ninja Puffle!

My evidence:

1.) The Ninja Hideout has more puffles than any other room!

2.) The fire of the Black Puffle is one of the 3 elements in Card-Jitsu!

What do you think?

Today some new postcards came!

New Postcards

Just so you know the “Hey There” Postcard is old!

I personally enjoy the “Find the Pin” Postcard because if you didn’t know where it was you could ask someone who has it where it is with this postcard!

The new Fall Fair Prizes are here!

The new Non-Member prize is a Stripey Hat for 150 Tickets

Stripey Hat Prize

There are 2 Member Prizes! Unfortunately I do not have a picture… However the prizes are a Curly Moustache for 60 Tickets and a Snack Stand Furniture Item for 300 Tickets.

Hope this helps! 

Like all the other famous penguins I am gonna help you find Rockhopper! You can use either the chat or the tracker! To use the tracker refresh for latest location by pressing the F5 button on you’re keyboard! Also here are some tips for finding Rockhopper:

1.) Rockhopper usually goes on servers like Mammoth, Blizzard, or Tundra

2.) Every once in a while he goes to the server Parka

3.) If someone is saying for example “RH is at the Crow’s Nest” they mean that Rockhopper is at the Crow’s Nest (DON’T ALWAYS BELIEVE EVERYONE!!!)

4.) Hop around servers and you might get lucky!

5.) Form a search party with friends!

Now here is the tracker and chat:

Get your own Chat Box! Go Large!

Hope all this helps!

The Fall Fair and Rockhopper have arrived! First I will give you a guide to the Fall Fair!

Fall Fair Welcome

At the top right corner there will be a button in the shape of a ticket with the amount of tickets you have earned:

Ticket Button

When you click it you get the following info:

Ticket Info


Next let’s go to the PRIZES!!!

The Prize Booth for everyone is at the Forest!

Here are all the prizes you can earn whether you are a Member or not!

Non-Member Prize Booth

 Feathered Tiara = 100 Tickets

Cosmic Star Hat = 100 Tickets

Pin = 50 Tickets

Background = 50 Tickets

More Prizes Will Be Added Later On!

Now for the games!

If you go to the Snow Forts there will be a path to the Bonus Games Room!

More Games This Way

Bonus Games Room

 Now here is a list of games and what rooms they are in!

  • Ring the Bell – Dock
  • Puffle Paddle – Snow Forts
  • Puffle Shuffle – Forest
  • Balloon Pop – Bonus Games Room
  • Puffle Soaker – Bonus Games Room
  • Feed-A-Puffle – Cove
  • Memory Card Game – Beach

Remember this: To get tickets play any Fall Fair Game

Also before I forget The Koi Fish Pin is moved to the rock at the right of the Cove for the rest of the time it is here!


Now for Member Stuff!

To get to the Puffle Circus go to the Forest and through the path. When you enter there will be a Member’s Only Prize Booth and the Entrance to the Puffle Circus.


Here is the Member Prize Booth:


Circus Tent Igloo = 700 Tickets

Background = 200 Tickets

Ring Master Hat = 110 Tickets

Ring Master Suit = 300 Tickets

Teddy Bear = 200 Tickets

Doesn’t the Manequin wearing the Ring Master Uniform look like a Penguin Play Award?

Like the Non-Member Prize Booth more prizes are coming soon!

Here is the Puffle Circus:


To see an act click a puffle sign at the top!

Credits to Cool Boy 714  for all the Member Stuff Pictures. To go to their site click the following link: http://clubpenguinrally.wordpress.com


Now for Rockhopper!

Migrator Welcome

Let’s look at his Catalog

September 2009 Rockhopper Catalog

No secrets found!

Now for his Notice Board

September 2009 Rockhopper Notice Board

Hope all of this helps!

The new Penguin Style Catalog is here! Here are all the secrets!

Black Bowtie Catalog Secret

1.) Click the mouse for the Black Bowtie (Yeah I know you can get it easily through the Secret Agent Catalog)

Red Viking Helmet Catalog Secret

2.) Click the gray bar on the piano for the Red Viking Helmet

Blue Viking Helmet Catalog Secret

3.) Open and close the gray bar on the piano 4 times for the Blue Viking Helmet

Well not the greatest catalog when it comes to the secrets…

Well either way… Hope this helps!

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